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November updates

New Features and Improvements:

  • Credit payments function has been added
  • Choose the order of payment methods on Blink pages and payment links
  • Call-back URLs have been added for card transaction data to be sent to a server in real-time
  • View your AIB merchant statements within Blink
  • Complete batch payments in multiple currencies
  • Descriptions and notes added on the open banking transactions history page
  • Enlarged the customer contact feature on Blink pages and payment links
  • Filter all card transactions by multiple MIDs simultaneously
  • Additional information added about open banking on payment links and Blink pages
  • Track which MID was used to send a payment link on the requested payments page
  • View the most recent data (last batch) immediately on the all card transactions page
  • Changed the name of the online card transactions page to Blink card transactions

September updates

New Features and Improvements:

  • Send reminders for unpaid payment links
  • Customise your requested payment SMS sender name
  • Gift Aid is now available for open banking for payment links and Blink pages
  • Export requested payment links to CSV
  • Blink pages and payment links now have one payment button for improved clarity
  • Open banking payments are more mobile-friendly
  • Reports on online card transactions are visible across the merchant account
  • Merchant shop settings on the customiser page have been split into two sections: Payment settings and receipt settings
  • Filter online card transactions by the received status
  • Mobile interface is more user-friendly
  • Open banking reporting now shows the customer's payment details
  • View open banking charges within the plan & invoices page
  • Open the relevant Blink page on a new tab of your browser directly from the customiser page