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The Blink API together with webhooks lets you extend the Blink platforms functionality to integrate with your existing systems and build custom payment flows.



Blink provides a REST API, which allows you to programmatically take payments via card, Direct Debit or open banking as well as managing transactions and setting up paylinks. Blinks eCommerce integrations allow you to seamlessly integrate with your WooCommerce or Magento store. We also provide webhooks which allow you to receive notifications when transactions or paylinks are created or updated. We also provide a legacy gateway integration which allows you to take payments using a hosted or direct integration, however we recommend all new customers use our REST API.

Getting started

The first things you will need is a Blink account and a set of API credentials. You can login to your live account by going here, and you can create a sandbox account by going here. Once you've got into the platform you'll find your API credentials within Blink pages inside the customer centre tab. Each Blink page will have it's own set of credentials and you should manage your staging credentials through your sandbox account seperately from your live account.


We recommend that you first setup a sandbox account in addition to your live account. This will allow you to seperate your live and test transactions. If you don't have a live account, you can still use the sandbox account to test your integration straight away.

Setting up Direct Debit

Once your Blink account is setup your account will only be enabled for card and open banking payments. To start also using Direct Debit you must first setup an account with GoCardless then once you have done that navigate to manage direct debits inside of the Blink dashboard and connect your GoCardless account as a live or test account depending on if you are within your sandbox or live account. Once you have done this you will be able to take Direct Debit payments within the dashboard and also through the Blink API's and integrations.

When using both the Blink platform and developer API's branding will be applied to both your Paylinks and transactional emails that go out to your customers. You can customise this branding by navigating to the the Customiser within the Customer Centre tab inside your Blink dashboard.