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Rerun transaction

User can rerun any existing transaction at any time which has been failed earlier. Authenticate this request using HTTP Basic Auth by adding a bearer token to the header, e.g. Authentication: Bearer {{access_token}}. You can get the {{access_token}} from the create token request.

If the previous transaction had the following values for transaction_type, SALE or PREAUTH, then both fields amount and transaction_unique are optional, if they are not entered, then it should use the amount and transaction_unique from the previous transaction.

If the previous transaction had “VERIFY” as transaction_type, then amount field is required.

Path Parameters
  • transaction_id string required

    The transaction ID

Request Body
  • amount number required

    Transaction amount.

  • transaction_unique string required

    Transaction unique.



Response Headers

    • data object
    • transaction_id string
    • status string
    • message string
    • amount number
    • currency string
    • payment_source string
    • customer_name string
    • customer_email string
    • merchant_data object