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Authenticate requests using HTTP Basic Auth by adding a bearer token to the header, e.g. Authentication: Bearer {{access_token}}. You can get the {{access_token}} from the create token request.

Once a paylink is processed i.e. payment is done using that link, it can’t be used again to perform another transaction.

Query Parameters
  • status string required

    Paylink status

    Example: unpaid
  • amount integer required

    Transaction amount.

    Example: 1
  • customer_name string required

    Customer name.

  • amount_gt string required

    Amount should be greater than specified value

  • amount_lt string required

    Amount should be less than specified value


Response Headers

    • Array [
    • id integer
    • paylink_url string
    • status string
    • created_by string
    • amount integer
    • currency string
    • transaction_type string
    • customer_name string
    • customer_email string
    • phone_number string
    • payment_method string[]
    • is_decide_amount boolean
    • notes string
    • ]