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All of your frequently asked questions, anything else just send a support message.

What are Direct Debits?+
Why pay through Direct Debits?+
What is 3DS?+
What is PSD2?+
How do I apply for an additional Merchant ID for a new store or site?+
What should I do if I change my address?+
What should I do if I change my bank for charges, deposits or both?+
What is classified as a change of legal entity and how do I apply for it?+
How do I understand AIB merchant statements?+
How do I integrate Blink as a gateway into my website?+
What is a chargeback?+
Who deals with the chargeback?+
What are common reasons for customers to raise a chargeback?+
Who notifies for chargebacks?+
How can I contact AIB or Elavon Chargebacks Team?+
What are the stages of a chargeback?+
Who should I contact for out of hours queries related to transactions, batching, funding, and PCI?+
What is MOTO payment and how can I increase its security?+
What precautions should be taken when accepting Over the Phone Payments?+
How can I protect my eCommerce site from fraudulent activities?+
What should I be aware of when accepting card present transactions via a physical terminal?+
Where can I locate the invoices from Blink?+
What if I'm missing an invoice?+
What is PCI?+
Who needs to be PCI compliant?+
How quickly do I need to become PCI compliant?+
What is the validity period of the PCI compliance certificate?+
Can Blink assist with PCI compliance?+
Can Elavon and AIB assist with PCI compliance?+
How can I access the PCI portal?+