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Blink card transactions

An overview of the Blink card transactions reporting features.

Blink card transactions


  • View
  • Filter
  • Advanced Filter
  • Actions
  • Additional Transaction Information
  • Cancelling and Refunding a payment
  • Processing a new transaction from a previous payment

Within Reporting - Blink Card Transactions, you will be able to:

  • View the entire history of all the transactions you have taken on Blink or via an integration.
  • Use various filtering options.
  • Refund or create new transactions from previous payments.

Note: The page is updated every half hour.


You can view all your Blink card transactions by selecting Blink Card Transactions under the Reporting Section on the left-hand navigation bar.

This page displays all online transactions that have been processed. Each transaction will show the following:

  • Date and Time
  • Customer Name
  • Card Details
  • Amount
  • Order Reference
    • This contains both your custom reference and the transaction description. (Transactions without Blink in their description are integrated payments)
  • Status
    • Pending
    • Received - The gateway has received the transaction and is awaiting a response to reach its final state.
    • Deferred - This transaction could not be settled due to a temporary problem but will be retried at the next available instance.
    • Successful
    • Captured - The transaction was successful. (This will update to Accepted, usually in the early hours of the following morning)
    • Accepted - This transaction has been accepted and settled as soon as possible.
    • Pre-Auth - This confirms that the card is authentic and that the amount is available in the cardholder’s account.
    • Verified - The authenticity of this card has been verified.
    • Capture in "x" days - Displays the remaining days until the amount requested via a delay capture is taken.
    • Fully/Partially refunded - This transaction has had part (or all) of it refunded.
    • Unsuccessful
      • Declined - The acquiring bank has declined the transaction.
      • Referred - This transaction has been referred for manual approval by the Acquiring bank.
      • Cancelled - The merchant has cancelled this transaction (this can only occur on a captured transaction).
    • Some transactions also have brackets at the end.
      • (DC) - This is a transaction that was initially a Delay capture and has now been captured.
      • (PA) - This is a Pre-Auth that has been captured.
      • (RF) - This is a refund.
      • (RR) - This is a transaction that has been rerun from a previous transaction.
      • (V) - This is a transaction that has been run from a Verified card.


You can filter using the following 5 primary filters (simultaneously), choose the desired parameters, and select Apply Filter:

  • Date Range
  • Transaction Method - Where the transaction was created from.
  • Merchant - Filters between different merchant accounts.
  • Status - Various transaction states as listed above.
  • Verified - Only displays the original Verified transactions, not the ones run from them.
  • Pre-Auth - Only displays the original Pre-Authorisations, not the processed ones.
  • Delayed Capture - Shows both the delayed capture transactions that are still waiting to be captured and those that have already been processed.
  • Card Number - Search using the last 4 digits of the card.

Advanced Filter

Clicking on Advanced filter will allow you to filter your card data using more filters like date, card schemes, types, or customer’s name.

Note: The parameters of the advanced filters will only be viewable when you open the advanced filters overview.

Actions & Additional Transaction Information

Select a transaction to see:

  • Various card verification responses.
  • Acquiring bank.
  • Card type.
  • Authorization code for the transaction.
  • Unique Blink reference.

If a transaction has been run from a previous transaction (e.g., A Pre-Auth has been captured), the Blink unique reference field will also contain a link to the original transaction.

Other details include:

  • Gateway Merchant ID that processed the transaction.
  • Customer’s address and postcode.
  • Receipt button for successful payment - Allows viewing, printing, or emailing the receipt.

Click Advanced Filters to see more filtering options. This can be combined with the 5 primary filters.

Cancelling and Refunding a payment & Processing a new transaction from a previous payment

  • Cancel Button - Only appears for transactions with a captured state.
  • Refund Button - Appears once a transaction has been accepted.
    • Transactions can be refunded fully or partially.
    • A refund cannot be cancelled.
    • Customer and card details are taken from the original transaction.

Rerun - Allows running a new transaction on a previous customer.

Repeat (FIXED) - Setup a regular payment schedule from a previous customer. Detailed steps include:

  1. Select MID, type of transaction, Fixed Schedule, and Card Payment.
  2. Enter customer details.
  3. Set payment parameters like date, frequency, number of payments, etc.
  4. Fill in card and address details and click Charge.

Repeat (VARIABLE) - Set up a payment schedule with varied payment amounts and dates. Detailed steps include:

  1. Select MID, type of transaction, and one-off payment.
  2. Enter customer details.
  3. Set dates and amounts for payments.
  4. Fill in card and address details and click Charge.

After completing any of the Repeat steps, you will receive a transaction receipt, and the customer gets a receipt and an email describing the Repeat Payment.