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All the key terms and jargon you need to know

3DS3D Secure
APIApplication Programming Interface
ATVAverage Transaction Value
AIBMSAllied Irish Bank Merchant Services
AMLAnti Money Laundering
AVSAddress Verification Service
CPCard Present
CNPCard Not Present
CVV/CV2Card Verification Value (3 digits on back of card)
EMSElavon Merchant Services
FDMSFirst Data Merchant Services
MIDMerchant ID
MOTOMail Order Telephone Order
MPL*Merchant Potential Liability*
MSCMerchant Service Charges
NDFNext Day Funding
NDX*Non-Delivery Exposure*
PCI DSSPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard
POBProof of Bank
POTAProof of Trading Address
SCAStrong Customer Authentication
TIDTerminal ID
VTVirtual Terminal