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Payment preferences

How to manage your payment preferences and notifications

Payment preferences


The Payment Preferences page lets you designate the email for payment notifications and is under revision to permit you to adjust the compulsory fields on the "Take a Payment" page (Virtual Terminal).

Access the Payment Preferences by selecting it under "Payment Operations" on the left-hand navigation bar.

How does it work?

  • Email Configuration: On this page, you can designate an email for receiving Blink-generated merchant receipts. This setting supersedes the Blink contact email address configuration. Additionally, determine an email to field customer replies to Blink-generated emails (the default recipient is the account holder).
  • Email Routing: Decide if you'd prefer the email notifications sent to the primary email, the user email, or both.

Under revision

On the page's right side, there are toggles. These let you decide which fields are mandatory for customers to complete when they process a payment via the Virtual Terminal.


Establish reminders as a consistent rule across the entire merchant account.