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Use cases

How can Blink help your business?

Use cases


Explore the multitude of ways businesses and professionals can utilise the capabilities of Blink's multifaceted payment solutions.

Virtual terminal

For call centres and phone-based sales

  • Retail outlets: Process payments over the phone when customers prefer not to visit in person.
  • Service providers: Collect deposits or full payments for services such as consultations or bookings.
  • Charities: Seamlessly accept donations during telethons or special events.

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Batch payments

For bulk payment processing

  • Salaries and payouts: Streamline your payroll or contractor payments.
  • Utility companies: Process monthly payments from numerous customers simultaneously.

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For digital transactions without a website

  • Freelancers: Send direct payment links to clients for project fees or deposits.
  • Small businesses: Share payment links through SMS, email, or social media for products or services.
  • Event organisers: Facilitate payments for event tickets or registrations.

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Direct debits

For recurring payments

  • Gyms and clubs: Automate monthly membership fees.
  • Online subscriptions: Handle recurring fees for digital services or platforms.
  • Mortgage and loan institutions: Manage monthly loan repayments.

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Card payments

For immediate transactions

  • E-commerce sites: Provide a streamlined checkout experience with instant card payments.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Allow patrons to pay for their meals online or via an app.
  • Digital platforms: Accept payments for digital goods, downloads, or online courses.

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