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Find a recent transaction

See all transactions processed on Blink for the day, whether via Request a Payment, Take a Payment, or a Blink page.

Find a recent transaction

To view recent Blink transactions:

  • Navigate to Recent Blink Transactions under Reporting on the left-hand navigation bar.

This page showcases all transactions processed today on Blink, offering options to Re-Run and Repeat a Transaction. Each transaction displays:

Date and Time
Customer Name and Email
Card detailsBasic card info including card scheme, last four digits, and expiry date.
Order ReferenceContains both custom reference and Blink description of the transaction.
StatusSee Status Details Below

Status Details

  • Pending: Gateway received the transaction; awaits final state response.
  • Successful: Transaction captured, will settle soon (typically overnight).
  • Unsuccessful:
    • Pre-Auth: Card verified, amount available. Card details encrypted for capture within 30 days.
    • Verified: Card's authenticity confirmed; encrypted details allow future transaction.
    • Capture in "x" days: Shows days left until delayed capture amount is taken.
    • Declined: Transaction was declined.
    • Referred: Transaction requires manual approval by acquiring bank. Merchants may need to contact Support for the authorization code.
    • Cancelled: Merchant cancelled the transaction (only possible for captured transactions).

Transaction Notes:

  • (DC): Delay capture now captured.
  • (PA): Captured Pre-Auth.
  • (RF): Refund.
  • (RR): Rerun from a prior transaction.
  • (V): Transaction from a Verified card.

Selecting a transaction reveals more information and available actions. Card verification responses (like 3DS, AVS, CV2), acquiring bank, card type, authorization code, and the Blink Unique Reference are also displayed here.

Further Actions

Different transactions may have distinct actions:

CancelCancels the transaction; no funds are taken.
CaptureCaptures the transaction immediately. Available for Pre-Auth and Delay Capture.
Run TransactionRequests an amount for a new transaction. Only available for Verified cards.
ReceiptView, print, or email the transaction receipt.
RerunProcess a new transaction for a prior customer.
RepeatSet up a payment schedule. Operates similarly to Repeat options on Blink Card Transactions page.