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View open banking transactions

Get a comprehensive view of all your transactions conducted through Open Banking, be it via your Blink Page or the Requested Payments feature. Learn more about the benefits and mechanisms of Open Banking [here](#).

View open banking transactions

To delve into your Open Banking Transaction History:

  • Go to the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Click on Open Banking under the Reporting section.

How Does It Work?

The Open Banking Transaction History page showcases a chronological list of your Open Banking payments. For each transaction, the following details are displayed:

  • Date and Time: Exact timestamp of the transaction.
  • Customer Email: Contact information of the transaction initiator.
  • Source: Determines the initiation point - either Blink Page or Requested Payment.
  • Reference: Inclusive of description and notes linked with the transaction.
  • Amount: The monetary value involved in the transaction.
  • Merchant Name: The name of the merchant involved.
  • Status: The current state of the transaction:
    • Processing: Transaction has been initiated.
    • Success: Transaction completion was successful.
    • Failed: Transaction did not go through.
  • Merchant ID: ID associated with the Blink page or Requested Payment through which the transaction was processed.
  • Gateway Transaction ID: A unique identifier for the transaction.

Each transaction entry also comes with a View button. Clicking this button redirects you to the associated Blink page or Requested Payment page the transaction originated from.

Further Actions

Filters and Exports:

  • Filter Options:
    • By Date: Specify a date range or a particular date.
    • By Status: Choose among Processing, Success, or Failed.
    • By Source: Determine whether the transaction was initiated from a Blink Page or a Requested Payment.
  • Export: Get a downloadable and portable version of your transaction data by exporting it to a CSV format.