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How to get help when you need it from Blink



The support page serves as the central hub for users to connect with us using various methods, including LiveChat, ticket creation, and feature requests. It also provides visibility into your past support interactions through the support ticket history.

  • Navigate to the Support page by selecting "Support" located under "Payment Operations" on the left-hand navigation bar.
  • For quicker access, use the support shortcut symbolised by a blue '?' logo, positioned at the top right of your portal.

Create a support ticket

  1. At the beginning of the page, choose from one of the four displayed category tiles that best match your issue:
    • Terminal: For technical issues preventing feature execution.
    • Gateway: For transitionary or connectivity problems.
    • Account Admin: Addressing account-related problems.
    • General Query: For any other questions or concerns.
  2. Describe your issue in the provided text box beneath the category tiles. Upon completion, send your query to our support team by clicking the blue "Submit Ticket" button.

Support history

  • Review your full support ticket history within the "Support History" table. Columns include Date/Time, Reference Code, Case Subject, and Status.
  • Use the filter above this table to sift through tickets, either viewing all or selecting specific companies.


  • Swiftly engage with our Support team via LiveChat by:
    1. Clicking "Request A Feature" at the top of the Support page.
    2. Selecting the blue chat box icon, accessible on all portal pages, located at the bottom right.
  • Before initiating a chat, kindly provide your name and email. This allows us to follow up on your issue if necessary.

Support shortcut

  • Phone: Reach out to us at 0345 481 2178.
  • LiveChat: Engage in real-time with our support team.
  • Ticketing: Should you have an intricate query that LiveChat can't address, create a detailed support ticket.
  • Knowledge Base: Browse our extensive collection of support documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long can I expect to wait to hear back regarding a support ticket I've submitted?

  • A: We strive to respond within 24 hours, as we prioritize your concerns. Nonetheless, response times might fluctuate based on the number of incoming tickets.

Q: If I can't reach the Support team, are there alternative ways to address my issues?

  • A: Absolutely. Our website features comprehensive user guides for various functionalities, offering detailed step-by-step assistance.