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Plan and invoices

How to manage your account and billing with Blink

Plan and invoices


Within the “Blink Plan” section, users can identify their current subscription or package with Blink. The “Invoices” section offers an exclusive look at your Blink-generated invoices, and provides a seamless integration to view detailed invoices on Xero, a popular accounting platform.

To access the Plan and Invoices information:

  1. Head to the left-hand navigation bar and click on “Payment Operations”.

  2. Find and select the “Plan & Invoices” tab.

Managing and Viewing Invoices


The invoices dashboard offers comprehensive information about your Blink-related billing.

Filtering and Viewing Invoices

To efficiently navigate through your invoices:

  1. Use the merchant filter situated above the invoices table. This is especially useful for viewing invoices associated with distinct MIDs.

  2. The main display table showcases the invoice’s amount, its status, and the collection date.

  3. For a more detailed invoice, click on the “View” button located on the far right of the desired invoice line item. This redirects you to Xero, the accounting platform.

  4. On Xero, you have the flexibility to view comprehensive details of the invoice. Additionally, options to download the invoice in various formats like PDF or CSV are available.

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